The Government of Mizoram today issued two advisories regarding COVID-19. The first advisory for the general public has asked people with cough/cold, sore throats and respiratory problems to stay away from markets, churches and other public places and asked the public to follow and practice basic hand washing and use of sanitizers and observe good personal hygiene.

The second advisory for travellers has asked people to refrain from any travel to COVID-19 affected states and countries unless absolutely necessary. If travel is necessary, the advisory asked such people to stay away from public places, crowds and gatherings; observe social distancing; carrying of hand sanitizers, and use of masks if having cough, cold or sore throat.

Meanwhile the Government of Mizoram is taking all necessary steps and precautions and has devoted all resources to detect any cases of COVID-19. The screening protocol for COVID-19 is being strictly followed at Lengpui Airport and designated inter-state crossings. Till today, 38,039 people have been screened and 157 persons are or have been in home quarantine so far. There have been no COVID-19 cases in the state so far; all suspected samples that had been sent for testing so far have all returned negative. There have also been no cases of isolation in hospitals. Even today as many as 4465 people were screened at the airport and designated inter-state crossings and 7 persons have been placed under home quarantine.

All people who have returned from COVID-19 affected states and countries have been strictly asked to observe the mandatory 14 days home quarantine or if home quarantine is not possible to avail the government set up isolation facilities. Anyone in home quarantine must follow all laid down norms of the standard COVID-19 quarantine protocols. The quarantine protocol must be strictly adhered to even by people who appear to be healthy and show no signs of cough, cold or respiratory problems. If any such person has respiratory problems, they should immediately contact the helpline No. 102 Toll Free, 0389-2323336, 0389-2318336.

Any queries related to COVID-19 may also be reached on the COVID-19 Helpline no. 102 (Toll free) and telephone number 0389-2323336 / 2318336 at any time.

The Government has also issued do’s and don’ts for the general public.


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