SBI Youth For India Fellowship 2020 Notification; Apply Online @Youthforindia.Org
State Bank of India
State Bank of India has invited applications for SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2020, a 13-month long fellowship that enables nation's youth to work on rural development projects in partnership with experienced NGOs.

Name of programme: SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2020

Programme Outline: The Program seeks to help India secure an equitable and sustainable growth path by:

1. Providing educated and passionate urban Indian youth with an opportunity to touch lives and create positive change at the grass root level in rural india
2. Providing NGOs working on development projects in rural India with educated manpower whose skill sets can be used to catalyze rural development.
3. Promoting a forum for the Program alumni to share ideas and contribute to rural development throughout their professional life.

Eligibility Criteria: Undergraduate / Bachelors; Completed before August, 2020
Age: Between 21 to 32 Years Old as of August 1, 2020

Expectations: We seek applicants from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and personally.

Candidates should demonstrate a deep interest, passion, and commitment to social and economic development in Rural India. Candidates must show humility and an eagerness to learn within a cross-cultural context. They should demonstrate a strong commitment to service and are entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative in finding solutions in under-resourced environments. Read Less

Citizenship: Indian citizen/OCI.

* Stipend: Rs 15,000/- to meet living expenses
* Local Transport Allowance: Rs 1,000/- per month
* A Readjustment Allowance of Rs. 50,000/- upon successful completion of the Fellowship
* To and fro travel costs of the Fellows from his/her place of residence to project location as well as for training programmes
* Medical Insurance
* Mentorship by experienced professionals in the field
* Access to the Community through well-established Partner NGOs
* Linkages with premier organizations of the country

Screening & Shortlisting:

* Application forms are out in the first half of the year. We put notifications on our website and social media platforms once we start accepting applications.
* Interested candidates have to register and fill the form.
* Shortlisted candidates are notified on an ongoing basis during the application period. We continuously engage with shortlisted applicants over an online forum to get to know them better as well as clarify their doubts regarding the Fellowship.

Interview/s: Short-listed candidates are called for interview rounds held across major cities in India.

Final Selection:

* Candidates selected post interview will be notified via e-mail and/or SMS.
* On confirmation, candidate will be sent the offer letter specifying details of the programme, fellowship support and terms and conditions of the fellowship.
* He/She will also have access to further material about the programme areas of our partner NGOs. This will help candidates to decide upon preferred NGOs

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India is going through a unique phase.

While its urban population is building a strong case as the next global and economic powerhouse, its rural population is struggling with basic issues like non-availability of potable water, no electricity supply, poor health services and education facilities.

It is left to India’s next generation of thought leaders, policy makers, professionals and intellectuals to bridge the urban-rural divide and paint a more holistic and inclusive picture of India’s growth.

The important decisions that affect rural areas cannot be taken from the comfort of air-conditioned conference rooms. It is imperative to gain a deeper understanding of the issues which can only be acquired by experiencing them first-hand.

During the 13 months, our fellows are given the opportunity to study the rural scenario with open minds. Their interactions with the community is what will help them to prioritize problems and come up with solutions. It is the involvement with the community that matters the most.

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