Tualchhung Hna Ruak: Dil Duh Tan

7 Mar 2020, Saturday, March 07, 2020 IST

Tualchhung Hna RuakHope Ministry hnuaia Hope Centre, Bazar Bungkawn a thawk tur Councellor mi piangthar, rinnaa puitling, Krista hnena midangte hruai thei tur mamawh a ni a, rawngbawlnan ngaia dil duh tan ngaihven theih a ni.

Dilna form hi Unisex Dawr, Zarkawt leh Millenium Centre leh Aizawl Watch House Dawrpui ah lak theih a ni ang. Interview in Hotel Lazzo, Zarkawt ah Ni 16 March, 2020, dar I pm ah neih a ni ang.

Contact: 9436158082/9774611515/9436140880



Teachers required for the following posts:

1. English (with English background for P/S and M/S)

2. History (with History background)

3. Geography (with Geography background) Interested candidates may submit their application along with their Biodata) Resume and a passport photo for a Walk-in Interview in the School on 12th & 13th March, 2020 between 9:30 am to 1:00pm.

Qualification: Graduate/D.EL.ED and above (starting salary Rs 21,000/-) without D.ELID. (Starting salary Rs 19,000/-)


Presbyterian English School (PES) Falkawn Zirtirtu hna, General Teacher-4 leh Science Teacher-lariak a. Diltu chuan lawina Kolhran hriatpuina lehkha leh HSLC chin chung lam Certificate leh Marksheet Attested copy pakhat theuh thil telin (Plain paper-ah ziakin) dil tur a ni.

1. Dil thei chin:B.A/B.Sc leh a tlukpui chin chunglam.

2. Hlawh: 1) B.A./B.Sc leh a tlukpui

Rs 9,000/- fix %$2) M.A./M.Sc leh a tlukpui - Rs 10,000/- fix.

3. Interview hun : Dt.14.3.2020 (10.30am - 3:00 pm)

4. A Hımun: Kohhran Committee Room Falkawn.

Hrechiang duh run : Ph: 8414053553
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