Hmannia ZMC aṭanga Quarantine lai tlanchhuak, Bolero ru zui kha man a nih hnuah Ramhlun Indoor Stadium-a sorkar Quarantine Facilities-ah dahluh a ni a. Tukin (20/06/2020) zing Dar 3:30 vel khan a tlanchhuak leh hlauh mai. Amah hi a ke-ah chain-a thlun a ni a. A tlanchhuah lai hian a keah thir chain a la in thlung a ni. Tukverh ṭawnna hawngin 8ft vel atangin a zuangthla niin a lang. CCTV a a lan dan chuan Chaltlang lam a pan ni a ngaih a ni a. T-Dum leh kekawr dum a ha a. A T-Shirt hmaah hian Magneto tih a in ziak a ni. @Vanalps


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