Kan heti zel si a, tunah Covid19 case 34 lai ka neih der tawh a. Kan chhiat vek hma hian kan sawrkar hian khuahkhirhna khau zawk a puan vat a ngai a ni.
Khai Khai....

Khatla South veng chhunga drugs addict pakhat in quarantine centre hrang hrang a awm te drugs an lo sem thin tih hriat a ni a, kut ngeia inhlan hi hmuh a ni a, vengchhung mipuite fimkhur lehzual turin kan in hriattir e.

Khatla South Tlangau 11:06 AM 07/06/2020

Covid19 damlo pakhat enkawl dam nan cheng nuai 5 (5 lakh) vel a ngai niin an sawi a. A enkawl  hi a hautak hle, tih kan hria. Medical team te quarantine leh zel an ngai a. Kan dinhmun en hian, damlo za enkawl hautak tur zia hi kan chhut a  ngai a. Mitin kan fimkhur a ngai hle. 

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