National Health Mission (NHM) hnuaia Comprehensive Primary Health Care (CPHC) Programme a thawk turin B.Sc (Nursing) graduate-te tan IGNOU hnuaiah thla 6 course - Certifi cate Course zir turin ni 10th July 2020 (Monday) thleng application (plain paper) a thehluh theih e. IGNOU CCH course hlawhtling taka pass chhuakte chu Health & Wellness Centre a hlankai Sub-Centres ah Health and Wellness Officers (HWOs) in post nghal an ni ang.


Posting Place : All over Mizoram
No. Of Posts : 40 Posts
Monthly Salary : Rs. 25,000 + Performance Based Incentives (not more than Rs. 15,000 per month)

Essential Eligibility Criteria:
B.Sc Nursing Degree from any recognised Institution/University
Nursing council hnuaia in register
Kum 42 la pumhlum lo.

Desirable Criteria:
Kum 2 aia tam Health sector a lo thawk tawh
B.Sc (Nursing) emaw a aia sang qualifi cation nei - MPH, M.Sc (Nursing), etc.

Key Dates:
• Application submission last date - 10th July 2020 (Friday)
• Written examination - 14th July 2020 (Tuesday)
• Personal Interview - 17th July 2020 (Friday)
• Result puan/Surety bond sign - 23rd July 2020 (Thursday)

Hriattur Pawimawh:
• Application leh attested photocopy of documents (Degree certificate of B.Sc (Nursing), Mark sheet of B.Sc (Nursing), 10+2 pass certifi cate, etc.) thehluhte uluk tak a endik hnua exam tura thlan te chauh Admit card pek an ni ang. Documents kim lo chu application hnawl a ni ang. Admit card hi ni 13th July, 2020 (Monday) ah Directorate of Health Services, 2nd Floor, Statistics Wing-ah lam tur ani.
• Exam na leh interview nana insenso bill theih ANI LO.
• IGNOU CCH course zir tura thlante chu an course fee, exam fee leh course kaihhnawih senso zawng zawng tumsak an ni ang.
• Course zir tur a thlan ten NHM, Government of Mizoram nen ‘Surety bond’ sign tur a ni a. Course pass hnuah kum 3 tal Health & Wellness Centres ah an thawk tur a ni. Kum 3 an thawh hma a an bang duh a nih chuan NHM-in dan a siam angin pawisa an chawi a ngai ang.

Hrechiang duh tan Mobile No: 7838711362 ah zing dar 10 - tlai dar 5 inkarah zawh fi ah theih a ni.

Sd/- Mission Director, National Health Mission, Mizoram.

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