Mizo Fashion Styles: Summer is here! A change of season calls for a change in routine, a revamped diet, and of course, a new exercise regimen that suits the weather. The onset of warm weather can make your body more vulnerable to different types of diseases and certain health guidelines must be followed to ensure a healthy summer.

Dear Times of Mizoram Readers, Here are a few tips to stay healthy this summer: 
1. Eat healthy and light: Eat light, small, frequent meals. Heavy meals with large amounts of carbohydrates and fats give rise to a lot of heat in the body. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content – such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc.

2. Treat your eyes well: Protect your vision from the harsh sunlight at work and at play, wear protective eyewear. When outdoors, wear sunglasses that block at least 99% of ultraviolet rays.

3. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine: Alcohol, fizzy drinks and coffee all can leave you dehydrated quickly. If at all possible, try to reduce the amount of these favourite beverages, especially during hot weather. Plain or flavoured water is a good substitute.

Mizo Sunday Dress 2021

Mizo Sunday Dress 2021

Chawlhni thuam

Mizo Chawlhni thuam

Mizo Sunday Dress 2021

Mizo Dresses

Hmeichhe Incheina

Hmeichhe Inchein

Hmeichhe Incheina

Mizo Nula Incheina

Mizo Hmeichh Incheina

Mizo Fashion Aizawl

Hmeichhe Hmeltha Incheina

Nula Chhelo Incheina

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