– Isaac Lalrintlaka Fanai

Image result for computerKhawvel changkang zelah kan veng Zobawk ah ngei pawh Computer nei leh hmang thin kan lo tam ve ta hle a,a thiam pawh kan thiam chak fu hlawm a, chutih rual chuan a enkawl dan hi tlem a zawng in hrilh hriat ve hi a tul a hriatna ka han nei ve a, chumi tur chuan a thiam te ka han rawn ve a, ka theih ang tawk in, kan tangkai pui ngei ka beisei ani.

I computer chu a chhuak hlui tawh lam a nih a, i upgrade lo a nih chuan antivirus tha mi i install a nih chuan i computer a muan phah vek thei a. Tin, antivius kha update na tur internet connection i nei chuang lo a antivirus hman loh law law i duh thei bawk. Mahse antivirus hman loh chuan i windows a buai vat i hlau leh bawk si! A nih chuan hei hi lo chhiar ve teh le. Eng emaw chen chu i computer a ven pui ngei ang che. Mahse computer chak tha ah chuan antivirus ah pawh free version ni lo, a full version ngei hman theih hram zel hi kan himna a ni tih i hre tel hmasa bawk ang u.

Mahse heng kan sawi thenkhat hi Windows XP ah chiah hman theih te pawh a awm a. Windows Vista and Windows 7 ah hi chuan a security an upgrade ve zel avangin theih loh chin pawh a awm mai thei. Tin, windows XP hian Windows 7 ai chuan virus hi a ngam lo fe tih hriat ngei ngei bawk tur. XP a nun theih tawh loh tawpna ang chi ah pawh windows 7 hi chu buai mang lovin a la hman theih zel fo a, hei hi tam tak chuan kan hrethiam lo mai thei. A chhan chu windows inbuilt security kha a tha zawka, virus pai tun chung pawn buai mang lovin a hman reng theih fo. Tin, XP leh 7 thatna hre hrang lo tan kan sawi tel nghal law law lawk! XP chuan software, application leh Games zawng zawng deuh thaw hi a support deuh vek a. Mahse windows 7 ah chuan XP in a support ngei ngei pawh hman theih loh a awm nual thin. Chutih rual chuan i computer in a zo tha tho a nih chuan online nan chuan windows 7 chu duhthusam a ni. I computer ngai rengah khan, net connection ngai rengah pawh XP i load lai ai chuan windows 7 i load hnu-ah chuan i connection a chak sawt anga. Tin, antivirus vangin i buai tlem sawt bawk ang. A hmasa berah chuan i windows a tel tur programe/application/software kha hre chiang phawt ang che. I hre chiang lo a nih pawh in a hrechiang tu emaw rawn la, nakin zelah i tan a la tangkai dawn avangin hei hi tih mak mawh a ni!

Firewall kha set-up tha hle la, incoming zawng zawng chu block tir vek ang che. I PC in a chhawm sa Firewall kha i ring tawk lo a nih pawn a free a download tur firewall rintlak tak tak a awm teuh tho a, net connection i neih loh pawn i thian te i download tir keuh mai dawn nia. System configuration i thlak dawn emaw software i install dawn reng rengin administrator ang chauhin ti thin ang che. I hriat chian mang loh software/programe install mai mai lo la. Programe/software i install pawhin pawngpaw click pawp pawp lovin notice kha chhiar chiang zel la, tick tur leh tick loh tur kha uluk takin en thin ang che. Software tam tak hian adware a keng tel a, chung chu i lo tick palh a nih chuan i mamawh lem loh i install tel teuh thei a, chu chuan i computer a tih muan phah theih si a.I thiante photon/USB Stick hmanga i PC atanga i online ve leh zeuh thin a nih chuan i online lai khan link hawn tur leh hawn loh tur hre chiang bawk ang che. Hriat chian loh reng reng hawn ve mai mai loh kha a him ber. I online zawh ah CCleaner run ziah bawk ang che. (Antivirus hmang tan pawh CCleaner hman ziah hi chu a tluk a awm chuang lo!) Website him leh him lo te, software tha leh tha lo i hre lo a nih chuan http://www.stopbadware.org/ leh http://www.siteadvisor.com/ te hi i online changin i tlawh thin dawn nia. I email dawn(received) ah .jpg.scr extension an dahtel (enclosed) a nih chuan hawng suh ang che, virus a nih kha! I computer ah khan autolaunch/autorun disable ngei ngei ang che. Nangman i duh chiah i run/launch mai dawn nia.

Malicious Programme te hi hriat chian tum hram hram la, a hre zawkte rawn hreh hek suh. I hriat chian loh chuan i inveng thei dawn si lo! Malware bih chianna te pawh hi lo chhiar ve la. Malware hi i veng duh tak tak a nih chuan i PC ah password dah ngei ngei rawh. Naupang innei a nih ngat phei chuan! In enpui na lova an khawih theih lohnan. Thil an hre chak dawn si a, an hre zik tluak leh si lo a, naupang tam zawk hi chu computer tibuai tawk lek a hre sil ve nel nual an ni duh khawp a nia. Back-up siam ngei ngei ang che. Tam tak chuan windows an load that zawh hlim hian an software hman thin ho zawng zawng install nghal in image file in backup an siam a, a buai palh pawn a bul atang te a tih that leh vek ngai lovin an back-up siam chu an restore mai thin.

Heng te hi i zawm kim thei anih chuan i Computer chuan a daih rei ngawt ang. A tul chuan thil dang tangkai tak tak pawh rawn tih chhuah leh kan tum dawn nia.

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