Zalen Chanchinbu - Leading Sunday Newspaper: ZALEN meaning ‘Freedom’ is a vernacular newspaper consisting of 6 pages, first and sixth page printed in 4 colours. It is the only paper in Mizoram which is published on Sundays . We started in the year 2003. It is our pride to mention that due to the unique distribution we have developed, we are currently printing 28,000 copies which covers Aizawl and 60 villages. Our main stronghold is of course the capital, Aizawl.

Zalen Chanchinbu - Leading Sunday Newspaper: Apart from the conventional news, the field of topic we cover includes current events, politics with strong emphasis on social sectors. We have columns where reader’s opinions are entertained. We also give almost half a page for young readers which we call ‘Pawnto’, the playground of children. Doctor’s Q & A is regular feature which is written by a local doctor, theis features are absent in other papers. Electronic and gadget feature is quite popular for techno freaks. Entertainment news is a favourite amongst the youths; we also have a column for religion. Zalen also does investigative work and has unearthed many wrong doings which ultimately became burning topics.

Zalen Chanchinbu - Leading Sunday Newspaper:ADVANTAGES OF PRINTING ADVERTISMENTS

The advantage of advertising in ZALEN is that being the only Sunday paper in Mizoram the readership intensity is very high. Due to heavy schedule during weekdays readers tend to overlook many advertising materials where as on Sundays the whole paper is read from cover to back. Thank for reading.

Zalen Chanchinbu - Leading Sunday Newspaper:

EDITOR : Vanlalrema Vantawl
Jt. Editor : T. Lalbiakdika
Contributing Editor : H. Zosangliana
News Editor : C. Lalhmachhuaha
Sports Columinist : Lalrinfela Fanai
Entertainment Writer : H. Lalchhandama (CHDA)

Zalen Chanchinbu - Leading Sunday Newspaper:

Official Website:

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