The Higher and Technical Institute, Mizoram (HATIM) is the first Christian College in Mizoram, India established and run by the Baptist Church of Mizoram since June 2007.  It is affiliated to the Mizoram University.  The Baptist Church of Mizoram has a vision  to grow and develop the institute to be a deemed university(1)  in which world-class education  is provided to the people of  the impoverished North East  India region and  to respond to the challenges faced by the people of Mizoram in particular which include the following:

  • The traditional method of “slash and burn” farming which is still widely practiced in Mizoram is ecologically destructive and economically unsustainable. Many families struggle to support themselves through these means and there is no hope for entire families for survival and growth.
  • The literary education introduced in Mizoram through the pioneer missionaries from the United Kingdom a little over a century ago has not been upgraded after these many years. The standard and quality of education in the state is not up to standard as the main goal of education in the state had been the provision of universal primary education. The existing education system does not provide the required knowledge and skill either to get jobs or to start any project for income generation.
  • Only very few families – mostly the cream of society, could afford to send their children for higher studies outside of Mizoram. Most of the students who have gone for higher and technical education outside Mizoram do not get admission in the first-grade institutions. The practice drains out maximum resources from Mizoram with minimum returns in terms of human potential development.
  • Higher education in the country is mostly secular and increasingly materialistic in its value which infuses doubt about the Christian faith in the minds of  the Mizo Christian students.  This is  the root cause of rampant corruption in society in general and in the government. This will no doubt eventually empty the churches as had been seen in the West.
  • While most of the best colleges in India happen to be the Christian colleges, it is quite surprising that there is not a single Christian college in the State of Mizoram which is known as a Christian state.
  • This significant and challenging investment is made by the BCM to train the Mizo Christian youths that they may be able to make positive contributions to society and to global Christian witness.  The total number of students in the 2016-17 academic years is 273.  The college is proving itself to be one of the best colleges in the state and has produced quite a few top performing students in the Mizoram University Examinations though it’s entering only its tenth year.
Chanmari – III, Lunglei – 796701, Mizoram, India
Phone: +91 372 2323 509, Fax: +91 372 2323 509

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