Governor Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan graced the celebration of Pawl Kut Festival which was organised by Social Welfare Department today at Lammual. The Festival which was also graced by Social Welfare Department Minister Dr. K. Beichua has been funded by Ministry of Tribal Affairs.


Speaking at the inauguration of the Festival, Governor Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan congratulated the Social Welfare Department and the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for their concrete efforts in organizing the Festival, which he said is a unique initiative and an innovative concept undertaken by the state in promoting its rich culture and traditions. Remarking about the need to preserve and promote one’s cultural and value system, he said people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture are like tress without roots. He remarked further, that despite advancements and growth in all aspects of human life, we cannot replace our genetic and cultural traits, for these are what make us special and stand out.  But at the same time, sowing seeds of a peaceful symbiotic relationship with other cultures, countries and communities are also an inherent part of our cultural value system that needs to be renewed and rejuvenated, he added.  


Drawing on the significance of Pawl Kut, whuch in the past was a youth and children centric Festival, he said he believed in working at the grassroot level, teaching youth and children, nurturing them and capacitating them in assuring a better tomorrow for generations to come. He dwelt on the importance of upholding traditions and said if for once we ignore the meaning of our traditions, we are in danger of damaging the underpinning of our identity. He called upon the gathering to reinforce the values and beliefs that one holds and strive to retain it back in the changing face of the modern world.

Addressing the programme, Social Welfare Department Minister Dr. K. Beichua said since Pawl Kut is also a thanksgiving Festival, I thank the people of Mizoram for electing a new government. He also said that that the government will give its best for the all-round development of Mizoram and its people in all sectors. He remarked that the Festival, next year will be organised in a bigger scale.

Pawl Kut is one of the three main Festival of Mizos. In the past before Christianity made inroads , the Festival was celebrated as a thanksgiving Festival and centred on the contributions made by the youth and children for successful cultivation and harvest.

The afternoon session had a lively Cultural and Music Session with performances by artists and renowned rock groups such as Parikrama, G2R London, Zonun Band, Scavenger Project and T. Melody. -DIPR

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