Benjamin Sum
Myanmar Idol Benjamin Sum chuan a hla "Chhailai Di lenna" tih Youtube atanga a Sum hmuh zawng zawng leh Summer Family Group te thawhkhawm Nuai 60 (kyats,myanmar) chu Kachin, Karen, Chin raltlante hnenah Țanpuina a pe.

Naktuk 18. 5. 2021( 6:00pm-India time) ah Benjamin Sum chuan "Lyrics  Song Mizo hlathar" chu ama "Youtube Channel" ah a dah dawn bawk a ni. He a hla dah thar ațanga a sum lut zawng zawng pawh raltlante  țanpui nan a hlan zel dawn a ni. 
Hla kan stream in, donation a tel ve ah in ngaiin i lo pui tawn zel ang u.

Benjamin Sum Youtube Channel:

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