December ni 5 Pathianni chawhnu dar 1:30 khan Ramhlun Vengchhak Presbyterian Kohhran Biak Inah Revd. Chuauthuama, Doctor of Divinity Certificate hlanna leh lawmna hun hman a ni.

December ni 4, 2021 (Inrinni) khan Convocation hi virtual-a neih niin, Doctor of Divinity hi hlan a ni a, a tuk Pathianni December ni 5 chawhnu dar 1:30 khan certificate hlanna hi Ramhlun Vengchhak Kohhran Biak Inah neih a ni. He hun hi Rev. Z.D. Lalhmachhuana Bialtu pastor leh, Synod Secretary Jr. chuan a kaihruai a, Dr. Vansanglura Vanchhawng, Principal, Serampore College chuan Doctor of Divinity certificate hi a takin a hlan a ni. 

He hunah hian Revd. Chuauthuama'n thu a sawi bakah, Mizoram Synod Moderator Rev. Dr. C.Lalhlira'n thuchah a sawi a, Rev. Dr. Vanlalauva'n tawngtai sakna hmangin Rev. Dr. Vanlalnghaka Ralte, ATC Pricipal in malsawmnain a tin a ni.

Serampore College Principal Dr. Vansanglura Vanchhawng chuan, "University chawimawina sang, Doctor of Divinity hi Revd. Chuauthuama hian a phu a, Kohhran leh khawtlâng rawng a bàwlnaa a thawh ṭhat chung chuan avàngte, Mizo Kohhrana hruaitu chhuanawm, Pathian thu hriatna lama mi chungchuang, lehkha ziak mi, Pathian thu thiam a nih avàngtein Doctor of Divinity hi pek a ni" a ti. 

~ Vanneihthanga Vanchhawng: 7th December, 2021 (MSR)

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